Volunteer work in elderly care

Volunteer at a nursing home of Driezorg
Next to my work I’m a volunteer in a nursing home of Driezorg in Zwolle. Every week I help some hours in the restaurant of the nursing home. I serve elderly a drink and make a chat with them. A small task that gives me great gratification..

Volunteer at Granny’s Finest
Granny’s Finest is a social enterprise that aims to prevent loneliness amongst elderly and that connects the young and old generation. The knitting-craft of elderly and the talent of young fashion designers come together in beautiful products like scarves that are sold in e.g. de Bijenkorf. Granny’s Finest has initiated already more than 30 knitting-clubs in the Netherlands and provides the grannies every week with wool, needles and patterns.
As a volunteer in the office of Granny’s Finest in Rotterdam, I helped with the knit-kits logistics, computer issues, and the quality control of the knitted products. When the Grannies finished a product, I checked whether the size and stich are right and made the products ready to sell. My own knitting skills are very useful here! I still enjoy working together with the other volunteers (mostly grannies) and having easy and serious talks with them.