UX Expert Reviews

Clients: Logius, AMC, VuMC, Belastingdienst, Fagron, Centraal Beheer Achmea

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As a UX expert, I review the usability and User Experience of websites and apps of various companies and institutions. An expert review is a relatively fast method to investigate the usability of a website without the need for real end-users. The review can be a good starting point to show a client the importance of the User Experience of his website or app. Of course in a later stadium real end-users should be involved to get first-hand information, for instance with interviews or an usability test.

I perform the expert review by using a structured list of usability heuristics in order to investigate all usability issues of the website. Examples of these heuristics are ‘Navigation’ and ‘Help & Feedback’. Next to the website on desktop, I review the mobile website and evaluate the presence on social platforms (Facebook, etc.)
I translate my findings from the review into clear insights and present these insights accompanied by examples. Clients like my recommendations containing ‘quick wins’ and ‘big wins’, they often recognize the usability pains and have now a clear advice about what to do next.