UX design for SourcePower website

As User Experience Designer I worked closely together with the visual designer to make in a very short time intuitive and attractive templates for all website pages.

Client: SourcePower

Sourcepower1 Sourcepower2 Sourcepower3 Sourcepower4

SourcePower is a part of Ordina that matches freelancers with projects of customers of Ordina, and manages their contracts. Through a website, SourcePower wants to show their vacancies to a bigger audience.
Within a very short time, a website had to be designed from scratch. There was a lot of freedom in designing the navigation, interaction and lay-out. The main focus was to attract freelancers and to show vacancies and other information.

My tasks and responsibilities:
o UX design of all pages of the website
o Visual design (partly)
o Communication with client about requirements
o Advise the client about type of content

o UX design
o Visual design
o Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop)