Shift (Grppy) – group payments app

Are you also annoyed by the group-payment hassle at the end of a dinner in a restaurant? For a start-up I designed an app from scratch that takes away friction when doing payments in groups.

Client: Shifting Matters: a start-up of the Rabobank (now called Grppy)

People encounter a lot of friction when they have to pay in groups. For instance in the situation of paying the bill in a restaurant or asking your money back when you’ve paid the groceries for a housemate.
De assignment for the scrum team was to design, build, validate and launch an app that takes away these frictions for students.

I made the interaction design for the app from scratch and worked out the details in Axure. Within four months the app Shift was designed and built for Android and iOS. In September 2015 the app is available in the AppStore and PlayStore. The app helps students because it allows them to easily register your payments, it automatically settle groups via iDeal payments and it gives group members effective and funny notifications to ask for money so you don’t have to bother them.

My task and responsibilities:
o Translating insights from user research into clickable wireframes (Axure).
o Making prototypes for validating the concept
o Presenting design decisions to the client and various stakeholders
o Discussing with the Android and iOS developer about the design
o Tasks that belong in a scrum team: stand-up, planning poker, demos.

o UX design
o Mobile design
o Wireframing (Axure)
o Working in an scrum team
o Prototyping