Quli healthcare platform – user research

Quli is a health platform for clients, caretakers and healthcare professionals. I performed user research to explore how Quli is used at the moment and I translated these insights into requirements for Quli 2.0.

Client: Quli

Quli: Quality of Life
Quli is a health platform that helps clients to live more independently and give the feeling they are controlling their healthcare. Quli makes the life of informal caretakers easier by providing easy communication and an overview of the client his well-being. Healthcare professionals use Quli to work more efficiently so they have more time left for clients that need extra attention at that moment.

The Quli platform has grown last years in number of users and a lot of functionalities were added. The current interface has outgrown its functionality and therefore it is time for a new Quli user experience, Quli 2.0. The new Quli interface will be suitable for all the different cognitive levels of the clients and will be ready for a future with more users and more (internal) apps.

To be able to design a new UX for Quli, I first needed to understand how Quli is used at the moment. What goes well, and what is frustrating, or discouraging to use Quli? I interviewed and observed 13 clients and 8 healthcare professionals at 4 different healthcare institutions.

I translated the insights of the use of Quli into opportunities and requirements for Quli 2.0. I presented the outcome to the client and will soon start designing the UX.

My tasks and responsibilities:
o User research: interviews and observations
o Translating insights from user research into requirements for Quli 2.0
o Presenting the opportunities for Quli 2.0 to the Quli board

o Qualitative user research