Internship at Muzus

Contextmapping: Online vs Offline

Internship during the third year of my Bachelor Industrial Design
Client: Muzus (

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Muzus is a user-centered design agency; they explore people’s daily life, and design products and services together with the user group. To explore the context, needs and experiences of people, Muzus uses a method called ‘contextmapping’. The context of people is mapped by different tools where the people are personally involved. People for instance fill out a diary with their experiences, write down their needs, draw their environment, etc. With these insights Muzus helps companies giving insights in the needs of their costumers and creates together with the costumers a meaningful solution.

During my internship I explored the online and digital opportunities in contextmapping. An online contextmapping tool has as benefit that the data is directly accessible compared to for instance a diary that is handed in again after some weeks. Next to that can the digital data be more dynamic; people could make for instance pictures of their environment, upload them to their digital diary and edit the picture to an environment they would prefer. Moreover, online and digital contextmapping is cheaper and can reach easier more people. However, the important personal and motivational aspect of traditional contextmapping should be maintained.

In the project I developed different digital contextmapping concepts and tested them with different users to get insights in the usability and quality of the data. Moreover I designed an online tool which could be used by Muzus together with the digital data of the users or separately.
It was a really valuable experience to work in a company like Muzus and see how the things I like to do are applied in real business. 


  • Designing and using contextmapping tools
  • Graphical design
  • Professional responsibility