Brains Award Visualizing Sound

Brains award ‘leefbaarheids prijs 2009’ for Visualizing Sound project

Group project Bachelor Industrial Design
The Brains Award was a design contest to make the city of Eindhoven a better, more fun or healthier place to live

VisualizingsoundB1 VisualizingsoundB6 poster-brains-research VisualizingsoundB5


Out of more than 60 projects, our project ‘Visualizing Sound’ won the ‘leefbaarheids prijs 2009’. The prize was awarded by Brainport and the city of Eindhoven and included 5000 euro.
The designed product is a beer glass that visualizes the sound level through different colors of light in the bottom of the glass. When you are standing with your glass in a café next to the speakers, the glass turns red. When standing at the bar where the sound level is lower, the glass turns green. This idea makes people aware of the hearing damage they can get.
To promote the product, I had a radio interview and we made a promotion video.


  • Creating awareness with design
  • Design teamwork
  • Product promotion